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Books to Read

Check out the books that we love and recommend based on a holistic approach to wellness, for our bodies and minds

by Rosalee De La Foret

Why we love this book:

One of the best introductory books to herbal medicine and herbal support. The content is not overwhelming and provides the foundation for your journey into herbal remedies through food and cooking. It is informative, beautiful, practical and jam packed with amazing recipes that are all very doable; no specialized equipment, no huge orders of exotic herbs and spices, and no culinary skills needed.

The author uses her clinical skills throughout her writing and offers recent research to support medicinal applications and provides specific examples of what herbs can do. Overall, this book is a great introductory book on herbs and their nutritional and medicinal properties to support your health. A “must have” for every herbal kitchen.

by James Nestor

Why we love this book:

This book is the ultimate interactive experience, teaching the reader to literally breathe differently, both while and after reading it. It’s impossible not to, after learning that the best indicator of one’s lifespan isn’t genetics or our diet and exercise, but the way we breathe and our resulting lung capacity. James Nestor’s book will help move this change forward, to the benefit of everyone. Hard to put a book down when it may improve and extend your life. The book contains references to science supporting what he says and what is being done daily to improve the health and quality of life of ourselves, families, and friends. We highly recommend picking up this book today!

by Jordan Rubin, Josh Axe, and Ty Bollinger

Why we love this book:

This book is an excellent guide to essential oil usage broken down over 162 pages in alphabetical order. You will learn about each oil over 3 pages of in-depth information: what it is, what it does, and how to use it, either by ingesting it, diffusing it, or using it topically. Further detail on the history of each oil, pictures of the source and the expertise of health care professionals is also provided. Additionally, you will find a few food recipes using essential oils, and many recipes to make your own cosmetics and household cleaners. There is a small pet section as well. If you only buy one book on the subject, this is the one you should get.

By Scott H Hogan

Why we love this book:

From a physiotherapeutic perspective, this text is an excellent collection of exercises that beginners as well as experienced enthusiasts can constantly reference. The author has done his homework. Recommended for all personal trainers, physical therapists, ortho docs, and anyone interested in physical fitness. The warm-up routines, exercises, and workout plans will HELP you get out of pain and back to living a healthy and active lifestyle. His emphasis on joint health and range of motion as the non-negotiable foundation of all meaningful health and athleticism is spot on and will provide the foundation for your fitness journey or recovery from injury. A must have resource for anyone interested in staying supple and strong for life.

by Thomas Easley, Steven Horne

Why we love this book:

We found this book to be excellent and even better than expected. Well written and perfect for beginners to advanced learners. This is the book that will take you from step one to the end. It really does cover it all and provides step by step information. If you are a visual learner there is a plethora of pictures which will help guide you as well.

There is also information on essential oils, flower waters and the like, that tend to be more familiar to aromatherapists. Yet, these are truly an excellent addition to one’s plant healing repertoire and are seamlessly added in.

This is an excellent addition to your herbal library and highly recommended!

By Ari Whitten

Why we love this book:

In this book you will learn how infrared light could help heal joints, improve thyroid function, improve wound healing, improve brain function, heighten physical performance, lose fat, make you look younger, and that’s just for starters!

The information is comprehensive and not only outlines the scientific research that shows how red light is beneficial and healing to the human body, but also provides practical instruction on how to evaluate the effectiveness of a device, how to use the light to get various benefits, and be time efficient doing red light treatments on yourself. If you have any interest in red light therapy this is the book to get as it could save you thousands of dollars!

By Wim Hof

Why we love this book:

Simple, clear, concise, and practical. Wim Hof’s book covers techniques to harness the 3 elements – Cold, Breathing and Mindset. For us, the book really triggered the inspiration and focus to explore and try out these techniques. Wim explains his breathing and meditation techniques and provides examples of how people have healed themselves through very challenging health ailments.

If you are looking to elevate your health and mindset, then this is a useful book to expand your knowledge base in the practice of controlled breathing. Highly recommend to anyone who’s spiritual and wants to find their inner wisdom to live a loving and healthy life!