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Baseball. America’s venerated favorite pastime. Most children can fondly remember evenings out at the ballpark on a summer’s night. The crack of the bat, the whiz of a fastball. Hot dogs. Doing the wave in the stands. Baseball is a visceral experience for a spectator as well as a player. Some people spend their whole lives playing some form of baseball. Starting with T-Ball as a five year old and, for a select few, making it all the way to the big leagues as an adult. At nearly every age, some form of baseball is available to play. Even long into retirement, softball and soft pitch leagues are available – even to octogenarians.

Baseball is a very physically demanding sport. Games can carry on for hours and hours and, for anyone who’s ever played a double header, the length of an entire day. Stamina, heightened alertness and mental acuity are essential for a baseball player. Baseball, at times, can be a war of attrition on the body of the athlete. Many different muscle groups are used playing a game of baseball. Though which muscles you use the most will depend largely on the position you play – in general a baseball player will be utilizing hip flexors, rotator cuffs, lats and wrist pronators during the course of play. Hip rotators, pectoral muscles and quads will need to be in excellent shape to withstand nine plus innings of competitive baseball. From a batting perspective – the athlete’s forearms, shoulders and wrists will be relied on heavily to generate the power needed to take a good “cut” with the bat at the plate. Biceps and triceps will need to be conditioned to maintain balance but, in general, the baseball player that takes a lot of at-bats will want to have strong and limber shoulders, wrists and forearms.

A baseball player’s upper body isn’t the only part of the physique that will take a pounding playing the game. Pitchers, especially, will rely on powerful thighs and calves in order to generate a powerful pitch from the mound. Having strong leg muscles will help all ball players generate the bursts of speed needed to run the bases, chase down fly balls and generate the required velocity to make good pitches and in the duties in the infield/outfield. Batters need strong legs and a strong core to generate power at the plate and strong legs relate directly to bat speed and hitting prowess. Catchers will need very strong legs and a strong core in order to maintain their squatted position for nine innings catching 100+ MPH fastballs and making long throws to second base gunning down players trying to steal bases.

Many of us fans think of Barry Bonds or Mark McGwire and their gigantic biceps but strong legs, forearms and wrists are the key muscle groups that big league players rely on to find success. So what are the other keys to excelling in baseball? Stamina plays a big part. Baseball has no set time limit and frequently highly competitive games will go into extra innings. In fact, the longest major league baseball game every played took over eight hours to complete and spanned two days before the game was over! Even an average game takes over three hours before a victor is crowned. Needless to say, sharp mental focus and the ability to compete for hours on end are a few of the key requirements demanded of baseball players.

Good nutrition and eating habits are keys to making one a good baseball player. Baseball players will need diets rich in protein, fresh vegetables and whole grains. Baseball players will want to choose foods that are rich in antioxidants, high in fiber and feature herbs and additives that promote stamina, lessen fatigue and provide prolonged sustainable energy. For these reasons, we here at Vitagaming recommend adding our ‘Balanced Energy’ supplement to help assist with the rigors of the baseball diamond. ‘Balanced Energy’ offers heightened energy levels, improved focus and alertness as well as sustained stamina for the baseball athlete. With ‘Balanced Energy’ the athlete will see faster mental processing ability as well as less mental fatigue throughout the course of a game.

‘Balanced Energy’ contains powerful adaptogens (Rhodiola rosea, Bacopa monnieri, Red Panax ginseng, Yerba Mate, and Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom for example) and their medicinal properties are now being rediscovered by modern science for their clinically proven abilities to protect both body and mind against the harmful effects of stress and aging. The benefits to the baseball player will be plainly evident once you begin a regiment of ‘Balanced Energy’. GAME ON!

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