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Golf as Sport

Golf has a long and storied history in the world of sport. Perhaps no other sport sees the fanatical dedication, nay, obsession shown by the competitors and the fans of the sport of golf (arguably Premier League futbol). From professional golfers all the way down to children of a young age – golf is an obsession. Golf is life. Golf as we see it played today has its roots in Scotland with the eighteen hole format popular today starting at the hallowed grounds of St. Andrews Old Course in the mid seventeen hundreds. A modern version of that round is now a part of the British Open, or more acutely, the Open Championship, and to this day and it is part of four illustrious tournaments that rounds the “major” tournaments. The others being the Professional Golf Association Championship, The United States Open and The Masters in Augusta, Georgia.

Golf is a relatively simple sport in theory, but very difficult to execute consistently and at a high level. Simply put, the athlete is trying to put the ball in the hole. That’s where things get a bit more difficult. Golf courses are not standardized and the terrain, conditions and weather vary to extreme degrees. Eighteen holes generally constitute a “round” of play but there are smaller iterations for various types of skill sets (Par 3 courses for instance). Nine hole courses are also quite popular as an abbreviated, less demanding iteration. The general strategy is to use as few strokes (golf shots) as is necessary to put the ball in the hole. Fewest strokes wins plainly put. This tabulation can be counted individually or through a team – depending on the type of tournament style. As a general rule, the most important rule, the fewest strokes wins.

The Muscles used in Golf

Golf doesn’t necessarily require the lungs or stamina of a world-class sprinter – but the athletes do benefit from being in fine physical condition (we can’t all be John Daly). The most important thing is strengthening the muscles used to execute a precision swing of the club every time. A strong core, hips, shoulders, back and neck will help the golf athlete pin down the micro movements and corrections necessary to play at a consistent, high level. If these muscle groups are in tune and well conditioned, it will enable a strong, consistent reliable golf swing. Being in good shape will also help the golf athlete go the distance and out perform competitors that have trained less over the course of the season. Golfers should utilize lunges, sword draws and side step-ups – along with sufficient cardio – to train properly and improve their game. Glutes are arguably the most important muscle group to key in on for the serious golfer. Lower back and abdominal workouts will also assist the golf athlete immeasurably. The basis for a good golf workout focuses on improving flexibility, mobility and overall strength. The key to a proven swing starts with the basics and the overall ability to be consistent from the first tee down to the final hole on Sunday.

An elite golf game starts in the kitchen

Carbs, lean proteins and fats. It all starts there in the kitchen for a competitive professional golf athlete all the way down to a weekend “duffer”. It is recommended that a golfer’s diet should have half of it consisting of whole grain carbs. Fruits, a healthy amount of vegetables, brown rice and oats will help the golf athlete achieve this ratio. Also crucial to the golf athlete are nutrient dense foodstuffs. This will help the golfer attain a high level of antioxidants and minerals. These, then, will help the golfer maintain a healthy weight and improve mental functionality and increase the chance of greater success on the course. Additionally, it is recommended that golfers concentrate on superfoods and, in turn, focus on maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and manage the level of fat their bodies have. Avocado, fish, nuts and fruit will need to be ever-present in an elite golfers diet.

VitaGaming & the golf athlete

Ask any serious golfer and you’ll quickly drill down to the fact that golf is a very, very cerebral sport. Elite golfers have an enhanced view of the game and a heightened level of situational awareness. This is a thinking person’s game. For this reason, we here at VitaGaming recommend our ‘Brain Tech’ supplement. ‘Brain Tech’ is formulated to support the dialed-in golfer’s game. Our high-quality nootropics optimizes brain function and increases processing speeds. ‘Brain Tech’ amplifies the athlete’s mood, mental clarity and promotes a healthy response to the stresses of the game. When a golfer starts taking ‘Brain Tech’ they will experience less tension, worry and restlessness. This leads to more focus on the game and an increased level of clarity. FORE!

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