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The only company owned by gaming professionals for gaming professionals.

At VitaGaming we believe that professional gamers deserve to be recognized as the elite athletes they are. We aim to provide the best tools, knowledge, and the highest quality nutritional supplementsto allow each athlete to perform at their peakevery day.VitaGaming’s pledge and core mission is to assist you in becoming the most fully developed person you can be in mind and body. We believe that to start optimizing your success now, you mustrecognize that the mind and body are indelibly interconnected. A deficiency in any link in the chain, so to speak, will hold back everything you work so hard to accomplish.

Unlock your full potential

Gaming is ever evolving, and so are we. VitaGaming is the only company that specializes in professional gaming nutrition and all our products are designed solely for the elite gaming professional.  We understand that joining the elite professional ranks demands a lot more than off the shelf products, and what separates us from the competition is that we tailor our products to the needs of the gaming industry. We do not re-brand products to target gamers. We develop our suite of products with direct input from the athletes and work constantly to fulfill their specific needs.

Finding the edge

After analyzingnutritional supplementation options from the best companies on the planet we still felt that there could be a better product available to help the professional gamer reach elite status. Seemingly all of thenutrition companies in the industry targeted athletes who required only physical assistance rather than that paired with the mental tenacity gamers need. Acknowledging the lack of quality products in the market to cater to both elements we reached out to industry giants to see if a future product would soon be available specifically for the professional gamer. After countless calls and in-depth research we always seemed to get the same response: a professional gamer is not seen as a serious career path. After realizing this, the decision was made to take matters into our own hands. This was a serious no brainer. We realized that the only way to affect real change and give serious gamers a competitive edgewas to create a bespokesuite of products specifically catered to the needs of gaming professionals.

Lets go

We invite you to give our carefully curated products a try and experience the difference between your average supplement brands and one which is geared entirely towards your career as a professional gamer. Let us assist you in taking the next step towards success. Just hit START.

Gaming Supplements

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Brain Tech

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Aligned Focus

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