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          All our products are made from natural ingredients, meticulously chosen because of their unique properties and have scientifically been proven to improve our overall health

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          Mental Clarity, Mental Focus, Alertness, Improves Cognitive Function

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          Natural Ingredients for Sustained and Enchanced Stamina, No jitters or Crashes

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          Enchances Memory Skills, Mental Performance, Elevates Mood and Optimizes Task Performance

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          Combination of natural ingredients that boosts immunity and combats allergies

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          Rageneration of new cells, provides structure and strength to organs like muscles, bones and tissues

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Only the purest ingredients directly from famers and independent growers
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The Science behind Our Products


Nootropics are plant-based, not synthetic chemicals. Harnessing nature’s power, they enhance cognitive function naturally. Some of the nootropics we use in our supplements, include Ashwagandha, Lion’s Mane, Rhodiola Rosea, Red Panax Ginseng, Bacopa Monnieri, L-Tyrosine, and L-Taurine offer mental clarity, focus, and mood enhancement.


Details of scientifically-supported nootropics like Ashwagandha, Lion’s Mane, Rhodiola Rosea, Red Panax Ginseng, Bacopa Monnieri, L-Tyrosine, and L-Taurine, highlighting their cognitive benefits, mechanisms, and safety based on clinical studies. It underscores their potential in enhancing cognitive function, memory, and stress resilience.

Optimized Performance

There is substantial scientific evidence pointing to optimized performance, cognitive enhancement, and more when an individual starts taking nootropics like Ashwagandha, Lion’s Mane, Rhodiola Rosea, Red Panax Ginseng, Bacopa Monnieri, L-Tyrosine, and L-Taurine. These substances may improve memory, stress resilience, and mood, without the side effects of synthetic supplements.


We never use fillers! Supplements without fillers are superior because they offer pure, concentrated active ingredients, ensuring higher efficacy and reducing the risk of adverse reactions. Fillers, often used to bulk up products or aid in manufacturing, can dilute potency and introduce unnecessary chemicals, potentially compromising the supplement’s health benefits and purity.

What our Customer say about Us

Bought not knowing what to expect, but the reviews were good. Going on 4 months now. There is a reason people are raving about it. My only regret is not ordering sooner.

- JordanR

Meticulously, handpicked Ingredients

Red Panax Ginseng

Improve psychologic function, exercise performance, immune function

Source: American Academy of Family Physicians


Relieves stress and anxiety, lowers blood sugar and fat, Increases muscles and strength, sharpens focus and memory.


Red Beets

Increase oxygen uptake, which allows people to stay active longer. Improves cardiovascular health. Also contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Source: American Heart Association

Bacopa Monnieri

Calming cognitive enhancer, improves memory acquisition and reduces anxiety

Source: National Institute of Health (


Amino acid found in green tea. Affects brain function by relieving stress disorders, improves mood and maintains normal sleep.

Source: National Institute of Health (

Find the complete list of ingredients under each product. Do you have any questions before you start? Please reach out to us