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Gaming Supplement for Brain Health


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Memory is a natural gaming supplement made from a premium blend of herbs, adaptogens, amino acids, nootropics and nutrients that have been clinically proven to boost memory skills, mental performance, uplift mood and optimize task performance.

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As we age, our brains experience the aging process as well.  We all experience mental fatigue, memory loss, impaired decision-making skills, dullness, slower reaction time and more, particularly when exposed to stress, exhaustion and the demands of an hectic lifestyle.

Taking high-quality natural supplements, getting a good nights sleep and proper nutrition should be a priority!

Memory is formulated to support the aging process without compromising.  Our high-quality nootropics optimizes brain function and increases processing speeds.  It amplifies mood, mental clarity and a healthy stress response. When you start taking Memory, you will experience less tension, worry and restlessness.

Our scientifically-supported blend of herbs and key nutrients will boost memory skills, cognitive function, mental clarity and mood.

Feed your Brain
High Quality Supplements

Our brains consume so much fuel because it works 24/7 — it never shuts off and requires 20% of the body’s energy while in resting state. Its an energy-intensive organ and needs high-quality nutrients to keep it running daily.

Memory is synergistically formulated using pure, natural nootropics such as:

  • Ashwaganda — repairs brain stress
  • Organic Lion’s Mane — reduces anxiety
  • Rhodiola Rosea — promotes calm
  • Bacopa Monnieri — reduces inflammation
  • Red Panax Ginseng — Enhances mental performance

Memory is for Brain Health

Formulated to optimize memory and mood function — includes nootropics and adaptogens to boost brain function and help with mental energy, mood balance cope with mental fatigue and burnout.  Ideal for gamers and gaming enthusiasts who need support boosting brain power, memory and mood.

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Mental Clarity

Boost mental clarity, memory retention and the ability to learn by using the cognitive-enhancing benefits of Memory, high-quality ingredients.

Stress Response

Feel an overall improvement in feelings of frustration when you start taking Memory. It improves the way the mind copes with stress and burnout.

Cognitive Function

Enhance your cognitive function, memory and learning ability while also improving your body’s immune system defense.

Less Anxiety

With Memory’s adaptogenic ingredients, you will experience less anxiety and stress as it repairs damages to the brain caused by stress.

Mood Support

Target mental mental fatigue, fearful thoughts and burnout by taking Memory daily, it also increases the body’s natural resistance to stress.

Brain Food

Experience better memory and focus strategies with these powerful ingredients

Here’s why these carefully chosen ingredients provide you with unrivaled benefits!

Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom

This botanical plays a key role in supporting optimal nerve function by heightening the production of a protein called nerve growth factor (NGF). This process also targets learning and memory issues, which makes it easier to stay focused during a game. In addition, its antioxidants help target fatigue, stress, worry, and restlessness by fighting free radicals that can damage nerve cells.

Rhodiola Rosea Root

This well-known nootropic and adaptogenic herb boosts brain function (e.g., memory), mood balance, mental energy, and mental task performance. Rhodiola also improves the way the mind copes with stress by targeting mental fatigue, fearful thoughts, and burnout. It even heightens the body’s natural resistance to stress.

Bacopa Monnieri

A well-known cognition-enhancing herb that promotes the health of nerves in the brain. It is particularly useful toward countering age- or stress-related memory problems. Accordingly, research shows that bacopa monniera supplementation helps improve delayed recall, learning, and memory retention for people struggling with cognitive issues.

Red Panax Ginseng

A potent herb with relaxing properties that led some researchers to describe it as natural stress reducer. Ginseng’s ability to target stress is associated with it influence on the release of cortisol, the main stress hormone. High cortisol levels are linked to increased stress, restlessness, fear, risk of burnout, and sleep disturbances. These kinds of issues can interrupt an important, but taking a supplement with ginseng regularly helps the body address these issues in a healthy manner. Read less


Another adaptogenic herb that heightens cognitive function, memory, and even learning ability, the latter of which is an especially useful advantage for athletes and those with active lifestyles. Ashwagandha also improves the body’s response to different types of stress by supporting immune system activity. These properties can help individuals easily adapt to changes in the environment.

Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL

A beneficial amino acid-like nutrient supports the transfer of healthy fatty acids into cells, where they can be broken down and used as a source of energy. Acetyl L-Carnitine also improves nervous system function by influencing nerve growth factor levels in a similar manner as Lion’s Mane Mushroom.



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Brain Power.

Natural Supplements for Memory and Brain Power

Brain Supplement to control frustration

Memory formulation; ashwaganda, lion’s mane, rhodiola rosea and bacopa monnieri —includes acetyl l-carinitine, which targets stress, frustration and feelings o desperateness that mirrors conventional anti-depressants. This is useful for Gamers who experience high levels of stress.

Brain Boosting Supplement for Adults

L-carnitine, a beneficial amino acid, boosts energy production by improving oxygen uptake as well as fat burning potential. It supports lactic acid clearance from muscles, prevents muscle discomfort and enhances endurance. A healthy body boosts a healthy mind.

Best Brain Supplement for the Gaming Lifestyle

There is currently no other natural supplement in the market today that includes all of the synergistic, powerful ingredients of Memory — we’ve done the research to make sure you’re getting servings that have been shown through clinical studies to dramatically heighten brain and memory function. Make sure you take this supplement long-term to see this benefit!

Peak Cognitive Abilities and Memory Skills

Unlock your brain’s potential with Memory’s blend of herbs and vitamins that boosts brain function. Memory is the best natural supplement for brain health and memory improvement. 

Customer reviews

Rated 4.8333333333333 out of 5 stars
24 reviews

24 reviews for Memory

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