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Improve Your Gaming Performance: Why Beetroots Are Hard to Beat

Beetroot (Beta vulgaris) is an edible plant that is commonly found throughout Asia Minor, the Mediterranean, Europe, and the Americas. Prized for both its nutritive and curative properties for over two millennia, its roots and leaves have been used in traditional medicine all over the world to treat a wide variety of ailments. The ancient Greeks and Romans, in particular, used beetroot as a natural cure for fever and constipation, as well as for promoting overall health and preventing diseases.

Today, beetroot continues to remain among the world’s most popular superfoods. Over the last two decades, studies have shown that Beta vulgaris is an excellent source of antioxidants and is considered one of the 10 most potent vegetables readily available to modern man.

Health benefits of beetroots

With the rapid spread of lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes and cancer, as well as various types of cardiovascular and respiratory conditions, beetroot continues to reign supreme as a rich functional food source for vitamins and minerals, phytochemicals and bioactive compounds.

Red beet, in particular, gets its distinctive ruddy color from the presence of nitrogen-containing water-soluble pigments called betalains, which are known to have powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-microbial properties. When used in combination with other food matrices, red beets have also shown an ability to create a synergism that all the more increases its nutritional value.

A significant number of research has shown that the increased consumption of beetroot can reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes mellitus, and cardiovascular disease, aside from its potential benefits for treating cancer and for protection against age-related diseases.

Beetroot and your active gaming lifestyle

Long associated with increased stamina, beetroot has become a byword among athletes because of its effectivity as a dietary supplement in boosting performance during sports and training.

The secret is its high nitrate levels. Nitrates affect how our blood carries oxygen. When converted into nitric oxide, they become are vital in replenishing the body’s oxygen levels during strenuous physical activities. Nitric oxide causes the vasodilation of blood vessels, which increases blood flow and helps deliver more oxygen (as well as glucose and other nutrients) to the muscles, resulting in increased gaming performance and endurance.

A recent study showed that given as a single dose or over a few days, beetroot supplementation could improve overall performance during intermittent, high-intensity efforts with short rest periods.  For people with active lifestyles and are constantly under stress, the nitrates in red beets may also help lower blood pressure and bring down the risk of heart disease and stroke.

But wait — there’s more! Not only are beetroots great for your body, they could possible do wonders for your brain. The same nitrates that increases the flow of oxygen to the muscles also improves blood flow to the brain, which may result in improved cognitive function and even potentially slow down the progress of dementia among the elderly.

In fact, beetroot juice has been cited by researchers for helping boost cognitive performance among e-sports players.

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