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Introducing VitaGaming’s collagen supplement for gamers

Protect your joints and stay in the game with Vitagaming’s Collagen support

Gamers need to maintain joint health

Gaming has come a long way since the stereotypes of lazy, unhealthy, and unfit gamers, sprawled across the couch feasting on pizza and energy drinks.


Collagen by VitaGaming is a key component (30%) of our body’s protein.

Gluten Free
GMO Free

Today’s gamers and professional eSports players are big on wellness and self-care, keen to explore new ways of staying focused, improving their energy, and reaction times, and preventing game-related injuries.

It’s not just physical athletes and competitors that suffer mental and physical burnout, gamers suffer similar health issues, pain, and stress. With this in mind, there are some fantastic supplements that gamers can take to build their defenses, play for longer and boost their chances of winning. Collagen is one of them.

What is collagen?

Collagen is the body’s most common protein, making up to a third of your body’s protein content. Collagen consists of amino acids and can be found in bones, muscles, skin, and tendons. While we can make collagen ourselves, there are many benefits to taking a collagen supplement.

Widely used in healthcare for its effective use in treating burns and wounds, collagen is
revered across the cosmetics industry as an essential element within beauty supplements such as moisturizers. Collagen’s main benefits are improvements in the elasticity, flexibility, moisture, and strength of the skin, muscles, and joints.

What does collagen do?

  • Collagen works a bit like scaffolding around a house, offering protection and building strength and structure by creating connective tissue
  • Provides structure to bone, cartilage, skin, and teeth
  • Gives cushioning to joints
  • Delivers structure to arteries, muscles, and organs
  • Enhances the health of hair, nails, and skin
  • Provides a filter between your body and the environment

Health risks for gamers

It’s still a struggle for some to take video gamers seriously, let alone consider them athletes, regardless of how far the gaming market has come. Aside from this, the demands of both home gamers and professional eSports players are huge, so when it comes to peak performance the bar is set high.

Albeit limited in physical activity and exertion, gaming is far from free of physical ramifications. The most common complaints from gamers and professional eSports players are:

  • Gamer’s Back – back pain and inflammation from poor posture or excessive sessions
  • Gamer’s Neck – neck pain from inflammation, injury, muscular imbalance, poor posture, and stress
  • Gamer’s Thumb – inflammation and thumb pain from long sessions of hundreds of thumb movements on the controller
  • Gamer’s Wrist – inflammation and numbness or pain in the wrist due to hundreds of repetitive movements of the controller
  • Gaming Fatigue – mental and physical exhaustion from spending too much time staring at screens and focusing too much energy
  • Headaches and sore eyes – pain, strain, and vision issues caused by overexposure to artificial blue light

As gaming is taken more seriously, both at home and in professional eSports, players are constantly searching for nutrition products that can give them a competitive edge with optimal health benefits, keeping them free from injury and downtime.

What are the benefits of collagen for gamers?

Whether on the field or on the screen, peak performance is desired by athletes and gamers alike. The ease of access to rapid developments in science, technology, and healthcare has resulted in high demand for nutritional products that cater to specific requirements.

For gamers who want to stay healthy, and focused, and play for longer, collagen may help with the prevention of game-related injuries to those joints which take the most stress during those full-on marathon sessions.

  • Prevent joint damage and pain from game stress
    Joint pain and collagen loss are common among gamers and can severely impact their performance. By maintaining the integrity of your cartilage – the squidgy material connecting your joints, collagen supplementation reduces joint stiffness and inflammation while improving support and lowering pain.
  • Stronger fingers = stronger game
    Clinical trials focusing on weaknesses in connective tissue revealed that due to firmer ligaments, collagen peptides improved the extension properties of finger joints. 
  • An important source of protein
    While not a complete protein due to its lack of Tryptophan, collagen provides plenty of nutrients that are required for the multitude of metabolic processes taking place in cells and muscles.
  • Fights muscle degeneration
    Protein helps to build and repair muscle mass. Collagen contains arginine and glycine – amino acids that are important building blocks for muscle. Gamers who don’t lift run the risk of muscle degeneration so collagen is a great protector.
  • Promotes skin health
    Aging results in collagen loss and dry skin. Collagen has been shown to reduce wrinkles and improve the elasticity of the skin, making it a great protector against the wear and tear of intense gaming.

Maximize your game time and reduce the risk of injury with VitaGaming’s new Collagen supplement for gamer health.

Maximize your game time with VitaGaming’s Collagen