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We’re sponsoring the Colorado Smash Fall finals this weekend!

It’s been a great year for eSports so treat yourself to 15% off all products as we celebrate the quarterly state finals


This weekend, October 14th – 15th, in conjunction with Smash Colorado’s Power Rating Board and Krune esports, the quarterly finals for the quarterly Colorado Smash Fall Finals will take place in Denver, Colorado – the event is held at Denver’s Localhost.

Day 1 will feature the Doubles Finals, Special Crews event, and LCQ Finals.

Day 2 will feature the Championship Bracket.

All events across both days will be streamed live from LocalHost Denver and will feature local commentators.

Fall Q3 PR Championship Finals – Colorado

We’ve teamed up with LocalHost in Denver, Colorado to provide a $1,000 prize pool for this fantastic event.

The top 14 from the ESF Qualifiers will be attending, but if you didn’t make it into the finals yet there’s still time! You have one last chance with the LAST CHANCE QUALIFIER on October 16th.

If you’re looking to have more fun with a wider variety of events then head down on October 15th for multiple side brackets to build the community and get warmed up. They will be featuring doubles and testing out a new tournament format with 4v4 crews inspired by the INFINITY WAR of Smash 4.

There will also be multiple side events and fun activities on both days:

  • Homerun Contests
  • Single Elim Silly Brackets
  • Artist Alley
  • Controller Vendors

Day 1 Schedule – October 14th

Watch the Livestream

$10 venue fee
Doubles as the main event Start time is 6 pm
Stream $5 per person entry
Special Crews Event Start time 8 pm
Stream Bo3 event
Free to enter Pot bonus provided by Krune eSports
Teams of 4 (no repeat players in a set) Game 1: 1v1
Game 2: 2v2 Game 3: 1v1

Registration for doubles ends 30 minutes before the event start time

Day 2 – October 15th

$10 venue fee
11 am – 10 pm Signups close at 11:30am sharp to allow seeding time
12 pm start time Last Chance Qualifier Bracket (LCQ)
$5 per person All of LCQ will be Bo3 except for Winner’s Finals, Loser’s Finals, and Grands

Top 2 of this LQC advance to the Championship Bracket (Streamed)

2 pm – 3pm Redemption Bracket for (0-2 and 1-2)
6pm start time Championship Bracket Top 16 (All BoS)

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For better gaming performance and focused energy without the jitters, celebrate the Colorado Smash Fall Finals with us and take 15% off all products on our site – use the code “localhost15” at checkout.