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          All our products are made from natural ingredients, meticulously chosen because of their unique properties and have scientifically been proven to improve our overall health

          GMP Certified Facility
        • Focus

          Mental Clarity, Mental Focus, Alertness, Improves Cognitive Function

        • Energy

          Natural Ingredients for Sustained and Enchanced Stamina, No jitters or Crashes

        • Memory

          Enchances Memory Skills, Mental Performance, Elevates Mood and Optimizes Task Performance

        • Immune Support

          Combination of natural ingredients that boosts immunity and combats allergies

        • Collagen

          Rageneration of new cells, provides structure and strength to organs like muscles, bones and tissues

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Meet the Team

Management Team

Get to know our Founder, Jordan — a life-long multisport athlete with a passion for health and wellness, having been a professional athlete for most of his life.  He manages our daily operations and ensures our supplements meet the highest standards and quality assurance.  He coordinates meetings and approves the direction of the company.

The Company

VitaGaming is trademarked and owned by Marahau, LLC with office location in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. It is primarily owned by our Founder and select Investors who believe in our Founder’s vision as well as a healthier lifestyle. To get in touch with the company, email 

Website eCommerce Team has partnered with, a Web and SEO Company for all website and online marketing requirements.  For all website, UI and UX issues please email

Facilities and Productions Team

All of Vitagaming’s supplements are encapsulated in Atlanta, Georgia.  Our facilities are fully certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) as well as FDA Approved.  For any issues please email

Fulfillment Team

Vitagaming has partnered with PackRabbit USA to be our fulfillment center.  Everytime you place an order, our partner will take care of the delivery and availability.  To get in touch, please email

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