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What are Esports?

Esports is shorthand for electronic sports and though there has been debate as to whether or not Esports are actually sports one wouldn’t know it based on the competitions, fan bases and general hoopla and excitement surrounding this relatively new genre. Though not physically demanding in particular, Esports “athletes” have to show extreme skill sets, stamina and hyper levels of mental toughness and acuity. The gap is extremely wide between the average video gamer and a professional Esports athlete. These athletes are a young bunch – with the majority of athletes and fans alike being under the age of 35. This is a young person’s game and billions of dollars are generated in sponsorships, promotion, products and by the fans. Rooted in amateur gamers holding their own private tournaments (who remembers those 90s and early 2000s LAN parties?) Esports have grown to international notoriety with formal leagues, tournaments and championships with big time cash prizes. Rooted in Asia, especially China and Korea, Esports are played all over the world. Competitions are typically held in multiplayer games (though individual games like the ever-popular Street Fighter are single player competitions) and the video game industry itself actively sponsors pro teams/players as well as designs new games around the format of professional Esports competitions. Popular formats include first person shooter games (who remembers playing Goldeneye on Nintendo 64?!?), sports games, battle royale style rumble games and strategy/playing card games. Even Mario Brothers Super Smash Bros. has a league. How fun is that? Esports have steadily grown in popularity and with the inclusion of streaming platforms such as YouTube fan bases have increased rapidly as the fans can watch the competitions from wherever they’re at in the world; as well as get expert tutorials from their favorite Esports professionals. This, as well, has enabled the top Esports pros to make millions of dollars based on their skills and views/likes. Though the debate still rages on as to whether Esports are truly sports in the traditional sense, detractors should take note as the International Olympic Committee is taking a serious look at including Esports in the real deal Olympic Games. Though Esports will likely never be as popular as track & field, soccer or gymnastics, these athletes are getting world recognition for their extreme abilities and skill sets.

Do Esports Professionals and Gamers Really use their Muscles?

Yes! As with any traditional sports, exercise and training can play a big part in the success of the athletes. Though bench-pressing 250 pounds may not translate directly into becoming a better Esports athlete – there are many physical and mental benefits to exercising and being in good general overall health. As a matter of fact, professional trainers are actually hired by Esports athletes to train them in calisthenics, weight training, stamina coaching – and even yoga has been implemented to give gamers a competitive edge. Muscles that Esports athletes typically key in on specifically are the pectoral muscles, shoulders, hamstrings, hips and – perhaps most importantly, the hands and wrist flexors. Some sports games are actually quite physically demanding (who remembers tight tennis matches on Nintendo Wii?) so being physically fit and alert can and does give the Esports athlete a competitive advantage.

Nutrition for Esports Athletes

Esports athletes benefit greatly from a healthy diet – the same as any more traditional athlete. Diets for serious Esports athletes should be high in healthy protein and lean foodstuffs. Fruits and vegetables along with foods like cashews, avocados and low sodium beef jerky are good for the gamer’s diet. Resisting the urge to eat sugary foods to get quick energy during competitions is highly recommended. Instead, an Esports athlete should eat a large meal several hours before gameplay commences and then snack on something like fruit or jerky if cravings arise during competition. It is unlikely – in most gameplay situations – that athletes will have much time for food and water so its is crucial to be plenty full of energy-providing food beforehand and to be well hydrated before you “hit the sticks” as they say. If an athlete is hungry, focus and ability diminishes as gameplay wears on.

VitaGaming and Esports – The Perfect Match

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