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Vitamins that Gamers should be taking

Online gaming can take a heavy toll on their body and mind, so make sure the gamer in your life is getting these vitamins in to build their defenses!

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Why do gamers need vitamins?

Because they spend so much time indoors, gamers can suffer from a severe lack of sunlight and fresh air – which is crucial for maintaining our health. By using the same set of muscles repeatedly while they are sitting for many hours at a time in the same position, gamers strain their eyes and often experience joint pain from holding their controllers for lengthy sessions of intense gaming.

As such, it’s not uncommon for gamers to develop such conditions as arthritis or tendonitis, and while this may be a price worth paying for your average amateur, this can be a massive problem for professional eSports players. Shortening their careers and reducing their income is something no committed, hardcore gamer signs up for – so whether they require more energy, or a boost in mental clarity, focus, mood support, and stamina; for optimum performance, they need optimal nutrition.

What are the benefits of taking vitamins for gamers?

  • Boost in energy
    While gaming isn’t as physically demanding as say MMA, it still requires a lot of mental and physical energy. With high demands on the brain, attention span, and mood levels, it’s easy to see why over the years gamers have reached for that can of energy drink or caffeine tablets.

    Natural supplements and vitamins offer clean, focused energy without the jittery crashes, comedowns, and health problems associated with excess caffeine and sugar.
  • Enhanced focus
    Cognition is crucial for optimum performance, be it mental or physical. While it has been shown that gaming can improve brain activity and attention levels, supplementation of the right ingredients can help your body and mind adapt to the demands of the game.

    Their speed in reaction times, ability to make decisions, as well as their spatial awareness, are crucial factors when it comes to determining their success in gaming and eSports. If they lack these skills they will be behind when it comes to thinking ahead strategically, taking in their environment, and choosing the right equipment and tools for their game.
  • Increased strength
    The worlds of eSports and traditional sports are merging as gamers realize that in order to compete and thrive at a high level, they must work on their physical strength as well as their minds. While full-body strength training improves posture, and stamina and helps to counter the physical ailments and demands that come from intense gaming sessions, taking vitamins that can aid with the strengthening of bones and muscles enables them to play for longer, not just smarter.
  • Upgraded hand-eye coordination
    Gamers are always seeking ways to improve their game, especially their reaction times – a huge bonus when playing first-person shooters like Call of Duty. The ability to act fast and react positively to their environment while being bombarded by enemy forces is what separates the amateurs from the big guns. While of course, “practice makes perfect”, there are various vitamins and supplements they can take to improve their decision-making during fast-paced games – so why not take them?
  • Natural ingredients
    For years gamers have relied upon artificial and synthetic compounds to give them that edge when it comes to attention and focus, energy, and stamina. Sugary, caffeinated drinks that promise monster energy, yet deliver sickening crashes. Prescription drugs with harmful side effects and addictive properties – why bother when there are plenty of natural, healthy ingredients with no sugars, artificial sugars, or caffeine the gamer in your life can take to up their game.
  • Improved memory recall
    Gaming can be extremely taxing on the cognitive load, and it’s vital for gamers to be “in the zone” for long periods of time. During such fast-paced, high-intensity sessions the demand on the brain is high, so a healthy, optimized working memory is crucial for success. Ashwagandha discourages acetylcholinesterase, meaning means you have more acetylcholine available for learning, memory, and quick thinking.
  • Improved mental state and better mood
    I am sure you will agree with me when I say there’s not much worse than a moody, angry gamer! Not only is it unpleasant to be around, but their performance and health are badly affected by such negativity. It goes without saying that being in a positive mental state, and having fun while gaming equates to a better experience. Rhodiola helps to improve moods by influencing the happy hormone levels in the brain.

What are the best vitamins for gamers?

  • Ashwagandha
    An adaptogenic herb that grows across Asia, which for centuries has been cherished for its numerous benefits for mental, physical, and sexual health.

    This ancient flower has demonstrated improvements in brain function, the ability to learn, and memory recall – crucial for gamers who want the edge over their opponents.

    A natural tonic for the anxiety, insomnia, poor sleep quality, and stress that comes with modern gaming; Ashwagandha moderates stress hormones, so it’s awesome for gamers. It has also been shown to improve the speed at which the brain processes information – perfect for faced paced games requiring quick, strategic thinking and speedy reaction times.
  • L-Theanine
    A vital amino acid that has been shown to improve attention during tasks, L-Theanine is popular because it has a calming effect on the mind, reducing stress levels, so it’s a brilliant compound for your gamer who needs that balance of smooth energy and focus in order to win.

    It also helps with improving mood by increasing dopamine levels. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter – a chemical messenger that your nervous system uses to send messages in the brain. Dopamine is released when you are experiencing pleasure: eating, having sex, and playing video games!
  • Rhodiola Rosea
    Another impressive and long-revered herb, Rhodiola is popular with gamers due to its positive effects on mood and focus, especially when performing tasks. Other benefits for gamers include the ability to reduce racing thoughts, calm the mind and combat the mental fatigue that comes with hardcore gaming.

    There have been lots of studies on this wonder herb over the years, showing impressive results when it comes to dealing with anxiety, depression, and mental and physical fatigue. The great news for gamers is that unlike most nootropics, which take several weeks to kick in, Rhodiola’s benefits can be felt quite quickly..

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